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Pursuant to Article 8 and 18 of Law on Associations and Foundations (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia no. 52/2010, 135/2011), the assembly of the founders of the “Association for Anglo-American Studies-Tetovo (AAAS)” held on 01.12.2014 in Tetovo, brought its status and on 24.12.2014 is registered in the Central Register of Republic of Macedonia where it began its work in the same date of registration.

The main objectives of the Association are:

1) Encouraging citizen’s participation in the exchange of experience and application of new teaching methods at international, national and local level;
2) Promoting interculturalism, tolerance of diversity, service knowledge application, exchange of new methods and knowledge;
3) Offering comprehensive, interdisciplinary program for training citizens to study the culture of the United States and Great Britain;
4) Promoting and protecting human rights, interculturalism, support the development of equitable legal and regulatory framework and its unbiased comparison;
5) Promoting the availability of information to citizens and public and improvement of their comprehensibility, accuracy and completeness;
6) Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of methods used in the study of culture, critical thinking; the citizens will learn to think critically, meaning that they are learning to identify and look beyond the dominant cultural myths;
7) Promoting responsibility among citizens in public, private and civil sector towards stakeholders and the public;
8) developing mechanisms and opportunities for all returnees from programs supported by the U.S., and Great Britain governments to exchange their knowledge, experience in various debates, formal and informal meetings, seminars, conferences;
9) Integration of all social groups, especially marginalized, as well as to improve their wellbeing;
10) Promoting, evaluating and supporting the process of education and upbringing;

The Association achieves the objectives through the following activities:

-developing and promoting new practices,
-promotion of civil society,
-promotion and exchange of new knowledge,
-protection of marginalized people and support their social inclusion,
-education and training, preparation and publication of books, periodicals and other promoting materials,
-promotion of sustainable development,
-support in formulating and implementing economic and development policy,
-promotion of charity and volunteering,
-promotion of social responsibility of enterprises, and
-free flow of information of the activities;
-support for the advancement of science; diplomacy; education, and career; public engagement in science, and many more.

The Association accomplishes its goals through:

-performing research in the field of linguistics, literature and culture of USA and Great Britain;
-organization and realization of conferences, seminars, discussions, debates and other similar activities in accordance with the mission and direction of realization of the objectives of the Association;
-cooperation with public, private and civil sector and with individuals in accordance with the mission and direction of realization of the objectives of the Association;
-advocating and organizing promotional campaigns, and organization of publishing, and other activities.