Publication Frequency

International Journal of Business & Economics (IJBE) is published biannually in its online edition and accepted papers are published online, as soon as the corrected proofs are available.

Disclaimer: Articles appearing in the published editions are posted at the "Post Author Correction" stage of production. A Post Author Correction article is a composed proof of a peer-reviewed article that has been substantively edited and copyedited, and it contains the author's and editorial office's proofreading corrections. However, these articles are reviewed one additional time before appearing to the current edition. Any final changes in the manuscript will be made prior to the final electronic version of the issue. International Journal of Business & Economics (IJBE)the editors and editorial board members are not responsible or liable for the use of any potentially inaccurate or misleading data, opinion, or information that may be contained within the articles found in the published current online edition of the International Journal of Business & Economics (IJBE) Web site.