Retraction Policy and Instructions

International Journal of Business & Economics (IJBE) ONLY retracts articles for the following TWO reasons:

  1. The authors admit that there is a conflict of interests, and/or duplicate submissions to multiple journals at the same time and/or plagiarism in this article. In this case,
  • The administrator of the authors’ institute should be notified and he/she needs to send an official letter to the editor-in-chief indicating that he/she knows the issue.
  • The administrator of the authors’ institute should show the evidence that there are steps to against this issue with the signature of the school administrator. 
  • This letter must be sent from the administrator’s school official email address to the editor the journal and the authors at the same time.
  • The retraction process is irreversible, which means if an article is retracted, it won’t be able to appear again in the journal in future.
  1. The authors insist on retracting the article, due to personal reasons and there’s a 95 EUR / article processing charge.
  • The authors should write a letter with all the signatures indicating that they would like to retract the article due to personal reasons and they are sure that there isn’t any conflict of interests and/or plagiarism in this article and they understand that the retraction will make the journal incomplete.
  • The authors need to provide the payment receipt of the processing charge to the editor.